Choose from a world of offshore investment opportunities.

Life Account 2 provides access to an extensive range of investments covering a multitude of asset classes, investment strategies and geographic regions, and offers ample investment choice irrespective of market cycles.

The range of funds is split between Core and Self Select funds.

Core range

The Core range is an extensive selection of funds constructed by Old Mutual Guernsey to provide you with single fund solutions for the multiple asset classes you would expect in a diversified portfolio. The Old Mutual Guernsey Core range selection and monitoring process ensures that the underlying funds have been carefully examined to evaluate whether they are appropriate for the particular individual Core range fund investment objective.

There are a number of benefits for you in using the Core range. It means that the underlying funds are subject to a process which involves an ongoing scrutiny so there should be a lower probability of stagnant fund managers or funds diverging from their stated investment styles of objectives. The process will inevitably see changes over time to underlying funds within the Core range but Core range fund names are generic and should always remain constant eg OMGB UK Equity and OMGB Global Bond.

When Old Mutual Guernsey was looking for a partner to run its Core range process the choice was obvious. Skandia Investment Group (SIG) is one of the world's largest multi-manager investment businesses with one of the largest investment research teams in the industry. As part of the broader Old Mutual Group it made perfect sense for Old Mutual Guernsey to partner with SIG to select and monitor underlying funds on its behalf.

Self Select range

In addition to providing a fully researched and monitored Core range, Old Mutual Guernsey also offers funds within its Self Select range. Old Mutual Guernsey recognises that you may wish to build your own investment portfolio within Life Account 2 and the Self Select range offers a comprehensive choice across asset types, geographic regions and sectors allowing you the freedom to create a tailored portfolio.

Fund names used within the Self Select range will closely reflect the underlying fund names eg OMGB Invesco Asian Equity (USD) and OMGB Marriott International Growth (USD). The Self Select range will change over time as funds are added and removed.

Whilst many funds within the Self Select range come from well known investment managers, please note that the funds do not go through the same level of evaluation and ongoing monitoring as the Core range.

Investment risk warnings

You should make sure you fully understand the risks assoicated with investing in funds for the Core and Self Select ranges. You should also understand that Old Mutual Guernsey cannot guarantee strong performance on funds within either the Core or the Self Select range, or take responsibility for the financial stability of the underlying fund managers. Old Mutual Guernsey gives no assurance that a fund's investments will be successful or that its investment objectives will be achieved. Investment objectives for all funds can be found on the fund factsheets and the Investment Choices list available from this site.

Investment flexibility

As part of the flexibility of Life Account 2, investors can change the combination of Core and/or Self Select funds they hold within Life Account 2 from time to time, currently without any charge. Fund switching, as this is known, may be subject to certain timing delays and from time to time funds that underlie both the Core and Self Select ranges may be subject to redemption restrictions that delay investment transactions. In some circumstances this could mean you are unable to change your funds, make further investments or encashments.

For the most up-to-date information about all funds available through Life Account 2, including any investment restrictions currently imposed, visit the Life Account Fund Centre.

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