Life Account 2 offers a range of options that you can use to tailor it even more closely to your needs. Your financial adviser will be able to help you decide which of these options are the most appropriate to you.

Beneficiary nomination

You can choose to have the death benefit paid to a nominated beneficiary rather than to your estate, subject to there being no lives assured and no surviving contract holders. This avoids probate, reduces delay and costs, and gives you the reassurance of knowing exactly what will happen to your Life Account 2 after your death.

Liquidity and rebalancing option

This option is to help you meet the cost of Life Account 2 charges.

If you choose this option, an initial 10% of your Life Account 2 will be automatically be allocated to a liquidity fund. The liquidity fund will be based on the currency you have chosen for your Life Account 2.

This amount will be reviewed monthly. We will rebalance back to 10% by deducting units proportionately across all funds held in your Life Account 2, except those occasionally designated unsuitable for rebalancing by us.

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