Please find below monthly performance figures for all funds available in the Life Account range. The funds are split into the following sections - short term allocation, medium-long term managed solutions, medium-long term asset funds & self select funds.

Download consolidated document of all funds (PDF document).

Source: Morningstar. Prices as at October 2015.

Performance is shown for indicative purposes only. All performance data is based on the latest available month end point. Where possible, performance is that of the Old Mutual Guernsey Life Account fund. Where this is not available performance is based on alternative Old Mutual Guernsey funds. Where these are not available performance is based on the underlying fund data. Where no underlying fund data is available performance is based on the underlying constituents or the most appropriate index (or basket of indices). Where fund performance data is only available in one currency alternative currency performance is assumed to have been in line with the available currency performance. Where performance is not that of an Old Mutual Guernsey fund allowance may not have been made for expenses charged to the fund or for any provision made in respect of tax. This may result in performance being overstated, although it will be broadly similar to that of an Old Mutual Guernsey fund. For further information please see the risk rating guide, alternative investment strategy guide (part of the Investment brochure) and the relevant fund information sheet.

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