17 May 2022 | 105 minutes (Webinar)
Old Mutual International (OMI) Symposium

Globally we have spiking inflation, soaring oil prices and war in Eastern Europe. Are equities the right call? The insightful Dr Albertus Marais returns to answer more questions on the prevailing mine-field of hot topics - Emigration, Tax residency & Trusts. Also returning is the very distinguished Tony Leon, who will give us the inside scoop on SA's future tense from now to 2024!

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19 November 2021 | 75 minutes (Webinar)
Live Power Hour Webinar - ApocaLAUGHS Now!

As 2022 approaches, we travel 'Around the world in 7 questions' with Deon Gouws CIO of Credo, followed by the entertaining & hilarious Alan Committie!

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24 August 2021 | 60 minutes (Webinar)
Live Power Hour Webinar - Solving the global income dilemma…

Explore alternative solutions to generating positive Investment returns and learn about one of the world's most important 'unheard' of Tech Companies - ASML!

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20 May 2021 | 115 minutes (Webinar)
2020 – The year that was UNPRECEDENTED!

In conversation with renowned expert Dr Albertus Marais on the burning hot-topic of emigration, we also discuss the success of our Global Core Fund Range and we meet International business sensation & entrepreneur - Chris Barton who will have you Shazaming to the tech beat!

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28 October 2020 | 125 minutes (Webinar)
Breaking News… Old Mutual International means BUSINESS!

We launch the Old Mutual International (OMI) Global Core Fund Range.. We are also joined by world renowned and popular International broadcaster CNN's – Richard Quest - The never-ending day…

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25 June 2020 | 105 minutes (Webinar)
Many would like us to believe that it is the end of the world as we know it, but as with every downside, there is an opposite upside…

What are the trends and opportunities in the vibrant pharmaceutical sector? And, Kevin Gaskell, ex CEO of Porsche and then BMW, joins us to give you and your clients insights on how to turn, not one, but two businesses around, when the odds are down…

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